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                                      A TASTE OF GREECE

Big Tom grew up in the mountains in the heart of Greece, Mrs.T grew up in the mountains in the heart of Vermont. We are a family that loves to cook good food, and believe in high quality. We have been cooking professionally for years, including working with the US military who were based  in Bamberg, Germany. When we can back to the States after living in Greece, we were dissapointed not finding a gyro like we would eat many times a week in Greece. It wasn't the same. So we decided to satisfy ourselves and share it with you!  We will always serve you the very best. We buy our meats from a select butcher, and we pledge to always make our very best gyro by hand cutting it,spicing it, and cooking it just right, to your very best satisfaction.

The difference between the gyro that everyone knows and the authentic Greek gyro (like the one you would get if you went to Greece) is the meat. First of all, the real Greek gyro in not processed, it's not pressed, and....... it's not lamb or beef. It's pork or chicken (chicken gyros coming soon). Gyro the word, actually means going around, just like the spit on the broiler that cooks it slowly and to perfection. It is pronounced YEEROW-s. Of course, if you were to go to Greece, you may be able to find the lamb or beef  so called gyro in some places, but it's processed, pressed ground meat and it's called DONER, and comes from Middle Eastern origins.  So, we pledge to serve you exactly what you would get if you went to Greece, nothing less. The real thing in Greece is served with the meat, tsatsiki sauce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard and a few French fries. I encourage you to order it that way. Just say a gyro with the works. If you don't like it that way, we will gladly make you one the way you usually have it.

Everything about our gyros is 100% authentic, guaranteed, made by ourselves. We also make our own chicken souvlaki, hamburgers with best select quality meat, our own schnitzel (must try),and all of our homemade foods are made with extra virgin olive oil, promoting a healthy Mediterranean diet, including Mrs. T's tzatziki sauce made from the finest and extremely healthy Greek yogurt. And don't forget the ever so healthy and yummy oatmeal chewy bars. (can be made to order great for kids snacks, only healthy ingredients. (contains peanut butter).

With all that said, we hope you enjoy our food, and tell your friends. We are happy to meet you, talk to you, listen to your suggestions and criticisms. Also, any way we may help our community (fundraisers, food banks, etc) please don't hesitate to tell us.

Gatherings are welcome.

Phone orders accepted.


Tom, Laura (Mrs. T),Tommy and Chris

The Natsis family